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4 Little-known Facts That You May Not Know:

• According to a study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), high school counselors spend 38 minutes per year on each student for college advising.

• A student applying to three schools needs at least 10-15 hours of consultation from an expert, and a student applying to ten or more schools (the Common App allows the submission of 20 applications) needs 25 or more hours of consultation from an expert.

• Depending on your test scores, you may or may not want to go test-optional for certain schools, but your counselor can give you good advice about this.

• The ten top colleges with the lowest acceptance rates in the United States (2022) are the following: California Institute of Technology: 3%, Harvard University: 3%, Columbia University: 4%, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 4%, Stanford University: 4%, Brown University: 5%, Curtis Institute of Music: 5%, University of Chicago: 5%, Yale University: 5%, Dartmouth College: 6% 

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With my expertise and availability, I will be here for you and your child in a way no school counselor will ever be able to do.~ Gail Reams

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• Do you worry about where your son or daughter will be accepted for college?

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• An expert counselor can help you avoid critical mistakes about college selections, filling out and submitted your applications, writing essays that will wow the admissions officers.

• Imagine how you and your child will feel when choosing a top college and then getting accepted there?

• I can take a limited number of students each year. What will happen if you don’t take action? Once the spots are gone, there won’t be any more. 



I am so pleased to inform you that Annabel just found out this evening that she has been accepted into Brown. Thank you again for all your input and help with her essays, I am sure that played a big part in her being accepted. We will keep you in touch as her adventures begin next fall.


I was accepted to Duke!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help; I really appreciate all that you did. I can't wait to join everyone on campus! Thanks

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