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4 Little-known Facts That You May Not Know:

• According to a study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), high school counselors spend 38 minutes per year on each student for college advising.

• A student applying to three schools needs at least 10-15 hours of consultation from an expert, and a student applying to ten or more schools (the Common App allows the submission of 20 applications) needs 25 or more hours of consultation from an expert.

• Depending on your test scores, you may or may not want to go test-optional for certain schools, but your counselor can give you good advice about this.

• The ten top colleges with the lowest acceptance rates in the United States (2022) are the following: California Institute of Technology: 3%, Harvard University: 3%, Columbia University: 4%, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 4%, Stanford University: 4%, Brown University: 5%, Curtis Institute of Music: 5%, University of Chicago: 5%, Yale University: 5%, Dartmouth College: 6%

With my expertise and availability, I will be here for you and your child in a way no school counselor will ever be able to do.~ Gail Reams

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Reams College Consulting

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• Do you worry about where your son or daughter will be accepted for college?

• Are you worried that you my overlook the ideal college for your child?

• An expert counselor can help you avoid critical mistakes about college selections, filling out and submitted your applications, writing essays that will wow the admissions officers.

• Imagine how you and your child will feel when choosing a top college and then getting accepted there?

• I can take a limited number of students each year. What will happen if you don’t take action? Once the spots are gone, there won’t be any more. 

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Danyelle S. | PARENT

"I am so pleased to inform you that Annabel just found out this evening that she has been accepted into Brown. Thank you again for all your input and help with her essays, I am sure that played a big part in her being accepted. We will keep you in touch as her adventures begin next fall."

Noah L. |

"I was accepted to Duke!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help; I really appreciate all that you did. I can't wait to join everyone on campus! Thanks"

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